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A Leading Developer of Precision Geometry Software Technology

Kubotek3D, a company specializing in industry-first innovations, required a modernized website that better represents the future of their products. Media Junction provided a HubSpot CMS redesign that included a custom features table to highlight the wide feature set across their three tiers of flagship products.

Kubotek3d website on a desktop

Kubotek3d website on a desktop

Kubotek3d features chart on a desktop

Media Junction brought experience, creativity, and patient guidance to a major website redesign project that straddled client re-structuring, strategy shift, and marketing group turn-over. The input they provided about what our website could look like and should "sound" like made a big difference to the outcome we are very happy with. I recommend them highly.
John McCullough, General Manager, Marketing
John McCullough, General Manager, Marketing Kubotek
kubotek 3d responsive website

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