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a new way to game

Patrick, Flynn, and Timothy Cramer had a vision. The three brothers each had an aspiration to play video games professionally, but lacked an organized eSports venue at a local level. Inspired after returning from a CSGO tournament, Patrick had the idea of creating a national eSports experience at home in the Twin Cities.  Media Junction worked closely with the brothers and established software entrepreneur Paul Cramer to create a brand identity, launch a fresh HubSpot website, and tie a bow on their Kickstarter campaign with a video that would make their dream a reality. It was time for Qu3ue to enter the arena.

Qu3ue mobile responsive design on a tablet and mobile phone

brand identity

The Media Junction design team got to work helping the Cramers establish a logo and branding package that would convey the excitement of eSports, while being functional from an advertising perspective. The Cramer's approached the team with a few concept sketches, from there Media Junction's job was to make the logo feel active and fast.

qu3ue logo

QU3UE Logo on a blurred image of an esports crowd

QU3UE 3 symbol on light blue background

I had the opportunity to work with the MJ team and I enjoyed every minute! Trish and team made me feel right at home with work that I hadn't had any experience with at the time. I am really grateful that I got the opportunity to work with Media Junction, and I would recommend them to anyone.
Patrick Cramer, Co-Founder Qu3ue
Founding Family of Qu3ue

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