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Savoy Bank

Savoy bank's mission was to help small and medium sized business owners become the giants they always saw themselves as. Being a moderately sized bank themselves, rebranding with media junction helped them become the giant they were meant to be when they merged with Hanover Bank in 2021.


  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Visual Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • BrandScript Development
  • Website Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

updating your brand doesn't mean throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Savoy Bank was an established brand with a presence that meant a lot to their customers and employees. As they continued to grow, they realised over time that their old brand wasn't serving them as well as it used to, and needed to be modernized to better fit the demands of their customers. When updating their brand, we were able to keep the legacy feel without forgetting where they started.



using branding to gain investment.

We have said it before, but your brand can be your company's biggest asset, and assets are always a major piece of the puzzle when outside investors are looking for new opportunities. By modernizing your branding, or creating something that tells the right story from day one, you are able to legitimize your business, and show the outside world that you are just as invested in your business as they should be.

The team at Savoy was a dream to work with, and I was over the moon when I had heard about their merger with Hanover Bank this year.
Ben Longlies, Director of Branding
Ben Longlies, Director of Branding media junction


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