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WordPress to HubSpot Website Redesign

The Wealth Enhancement Group offers comprehensive, customized and objective financial advice to everyone. They came to Media Junction looking for an updated look and feel for their site.

We were tasked with creating a positive user experience that matched the warm, inviting feeling of the brand. This included an improved navigation to make it easier for their primary users to find content based around specific topics. We also had to better understand user behavior and patterns to solve usability issues and migrate the website from WordPress to the HubSpot CMS.


Wealth Enhancement Group Website Design on Desktop Monitor

Wealth Enhancement Group Website Design on Desktop Monitor

Wealth Enhancement Group Website Design on two phones and a tablet

User-focused content architecture

Wealth Enhancement Group offers a robust blog full of great articles, videos and audio. We provided them with the ability to mark blog posts if they contained audio or video content in their blog roll instead of just the standard 'Read More'—they can change it to 'Watch video,' 'Read article,' or 'Read and Listen.' The new design prominently featured their eight core topics, allowing visitors to easily navigate to the articles most relevant to their journey.

Custom Resource Library screenshot
Custom website design screenshot in a circle

Modern, Graphic Layout

When a visitor selects a topic, they are brought to a custom page that displays articles beautifully—one example is this Investment Management topic. Being big advocates for curated content, we worked with Wealth Enhancement Group's marketing team to help identify areas where they would want to curate content throughout their website and serve up resources pertinent to the user's journey.

Visit Wealth Enhancement Group's redesigned website.


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