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logos and visual identities that empower your business


why leverage an agency to help create your visual brand? there is simply too much to lose

Your brand is one of the biggest assets you have, and it should continuously empower your company to do more. If you are asking, "how can my brand empower my business?" The easiest thing to do is look at all of the brands around you that you like. How do they make you feel? What do they enable you to do? Does it make you like their products or services more? Good branding helps things click in people's brains, and it helps empower your business by reinforcing the feelings you want customers to have when working with you. It also ensures communication is consistent across all channels. 

Just buying a pre-made logo online isn't going to be enough. There needs to be strategy and reasoning behind all of the brand visuals to ensure you connect with your customers in the right way and enable your business to move forward.


the benefits of working with an agency for your brand identity

Leverage your brand

get tools you need for a consistent brand

Receive tools like Brand Guidelines that outline propers uses of your logo, colors, fonts, and voice to ensure teams throughout your entire organization are saying the same things.

Get a Team

Work with a team of industry experts

Working with a team of branding experts enables you feel better about your decision making, and know that there is strategy and research behind our designs. No more wondering if your nephew pulled their logo idea off iStock!

Use your new brand

immediately put your new brand to use

We build amazing brands, but we also do a lot of other great stuff that allows you to put your new branding into action. Whether it is creating a new website, sales collateral, presentation templates, or business cards, we do it all with the same team that helped create the brand in the first place.


our process

Working with MJ is easy 😃

Click the "work with us" button

Meet with our team to talk through your challenges and what you are trying to achieve. We will pull in our experts to help talk through how we do things, and what to watch out for while you are making your decisions. 

Dive Deep

We get to work to fully understand your company and where you need to fit in the marketplace. By leverage different frameworks and processes to identify different strategies for your brand, we can come together to make something remarkable.

Empower your business

Solve for your challenges and push your business forward with a brand that enables you to communicate clearly, and bring new energy to everything you do. 

Work With Us

We can talk in whatever way works for you.