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How much does HubSpot cost?

By far the #1 question we get about HubSpot software is how the pricing works—especially now that the platform has introduced free, professional, and enterprise options. With so many choices available, HubSpot pricing can get downright confusing.

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HubSpot gives you pricing options—so many that you can end up feeling overwhelmed.

Thankfully, HubSpot is pretty transparent about their pricing online (which is great), and they have an entire internal sales team ready to help you choose what works best for your business. The HubSpot sales team is great, but the question is: can they help you as well as a HubSpot Partner might? Probably not. Start with a Free HubSpot Trial

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Have questions about HubSpot pricing? You are not alone. Here are a few of the top ones we get. 

Questions & Answers

If I’ve already reached out to HubSpot Sales, can I still work with a Partner?
Yes. HubSpot allows Partners to collaborate on deals to ensure you are getting the right software package to fit your needs. In fact, HubSpot customers who use a Partner have a higher adoption rate of the tool. We can jump in and setup the software quickly and efficiently, which will save you even more time and money. 

Can I get better pricing from one Partner than another?
No. Pricing for Partners should be the same. If for some reason there is a discrepancy, you should make us aware of this. 

With so many HubSpot Partners, how do I know which one to choose?
Look for partners who can provide a lot of referrals, and look out for the ones who are trying to sell software, but don't have the capacity to fulfill the services. You should also consider how long they've been a partner and years in business. A newer partner isn't going to be as seasoned to help as a more tenured partner. Check references.

If I buy from a Partner, does that mean I won’t have anyone at HubSpot to talk to?
No. In fact, it gives you twice the amount of support. HubSpot Partners have a dedicated team of HubSpot team members that we work with who become a part of your support system as well.

Why should you choose media junction as your HubSpot Partner? 
We have your best interest in mind. The last thing you want to do is buy software and find out a month down the road you didn’t get everything you thought you were getting. Unfortunately, that happens—a lot. 

Our promise 
Working with an experienced HubSpot partner could save you thousands in subscriptions fees, onboarding, implementation, and training. Let us show you how.

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