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ask 100 agencies what their website design process is 99 of them will explain it the same—step-by-step, word-for-word.

that’s not us.

We are part of the 1% who know no two sites are alike and no two clients have the same goals. We think and do things differently.

Our Approach

we think a beautiful website is purposeful

It understands
the user’s goals.

You have ambitious goals, great ideas, and you want results — good, because you’re the kind of person we love working with. We’ve found that the best websites come from collaborative teams that work their asses off. If this sounds like you, then we’re your people.


It speaks in their voice.


It’s one thing to understand your audience; a great website builds on that knowledge to deliver clear, structured messaging in a voice they connect with. With your website, we help turn your customers’ goals and challenges into your best marketing tool.


It gives them an exceptional experience.


Your website doesn’t need to just look good, it needs to feel good too. Every detail and interaction has to be planned — from swiping to clicking to typing to tapping. That’s why we’re deliberate and passionate about providing a positive user experience for all.


And it works flawlessly on any device.


It's frustrating (and costly) when a website doesn't work properly or look right on all devices. That’s why we employ an in-house custom development team dedicated to coding — so we can focus on providing not only a site that performs well for your users, but that you can confidently maintain.


our clients have high expectations. (we love that)


The Edge Fitness Clubs


I was very impressed with MJ and their expertise in HubSpot... they did a full site redesign and development for us and the results were unreal... site performance improved significantly and they did an amazing job capturing the brand look and feel throughout the site. The backend architecture was cleaned up, making it super easy for us to manage. Would highly recommend them to anyone using HubSpot
John English Vice President of Finance, The Edge Fitness Clubs