CarPro USA

Web Design Example for a Car Dealership

CarPro is based in Texas and provides expert advice to consumers and connects Car Buyers with CarPro's.

What we did:

Custom Web Design



Our website,, creates a personal connection between prospective car buyers and certified CarPros (highly experienced car sellers in branded OEM dealerships who value relationships over transactions) to create a pressure-free VIP car buying/selling experience. We turned to MediaJunction to redesign our website and back office functionality on the HubSpot platform to improve our customer experience and journey. This was a complex endeavor to transition from an outdated online site and functionality with numerous integrations with the end product being a centralized, simplified, and better performing website and business operation. For example, we brought over 3,000 web pages with car buyer research, car reviews, and articles. Cars available for sale on each CarPros' lot is updated almost in real time. The MediaJunction (MJ) team under the capable leadership of Trish Leonard continues to astound our leadership team. As our business is growing, they're continuously adding value every step of the way with HubSpot, marketing/digital strategy, and implementation. Today, we have state-of-the-art website, user experience that is performing to standards, saving us time and money, and allowing us to deliver on our promises to both car buyer and seller. We've found a true partner in MJ who got us through the initial website/tech conversion and continues to be a trusted big picture digital strategist and a detail-minded implementer for adding new functionality (sprints), and transitioning daily operational aspects through training to our team. Really, I can't say enough about MJ's professionalism, business acumen, and interest in our success as their success.
Kevin W. McCarthy, Chief Leadership Officer CarPro
Kevin W. McCarthy Chief Leadership Officer