Branding and Custom HubSpot CMS website for SaaS company

CX App is a leader in enterprise employee experience apps that helps employees navigate a hybrid workplace with smart, streamlined experiences. 

What we did:

Custom Web Design



Working with Media Junction has been an immense win for our marketing team! We've only been working with the team for a less than a year, but we've already received tremendous value from the breadth of their team and portfolio. Media Junction has helped us with a full rebrand and launch of a new company. With that, we went through their entire brand program including StoryBrand exercise, logo development, and brand identity concepts. What I believe sets Media Junction apart is that everything they do clearly goes through strategy and careful consideration. Even with things as small as how they created a minute line as part of our logo had major implications and helped me paint the vision to senior leaders. Every time they develop something that requires review, it's always clearly stated, well positioned, and thoughtful which makes my job easier! Media Junction also helped with setting up our new HubSpot license, full development and deployment of our new website. From the wireframes to the site map, it was clear that Media Junction not only listened to what we wanted to achieve, but also thought through the tactics and strategy on how we could achieve that, made recommendations, and even came to the table with recommendations on how we could enhance our vision. They have deep knowledge in all things HubSpot, Website Development and Brand - and I know there are only great things to come out of our partnership. We had some hard asks, and difficult timelines that put stress our on our team, but they were able to provide assurances and support to help us through some challenging milestones. Media Junction helped put a face and a voice on a product that's been in the market for years, but not until recently was able to make a splash in the market. Thanks again!
Andrea Williams, Director of Marketing, CXApp
Andrea Williams Director of Marketing