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Sales enablement for sales teams

Ryan VonBergen Talking with Jill Konrath Author of Selling to Big Companies, Snap Selling and more

A modern-day sales team doesn’t sell. They help. 

The world is moving faster than ever before, content is being produced at record speeds, information is easily accessible and sales teams aren’t the gatekeepers of information anymore.  Leaving some sales teams scratching their heads that their tactics aren’t working anymore. Instead of looking for solutions or adapting they are blaming marketing and in some cases the lead itself. But marketing is pushing back with real-live data, and it points right back to your sales team.  Sound familiar? We can help.

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The inbound sales methodology is a 4 step process that anyone can implement into their company.


The difference between a thriving business and a failing one is the ability to identify the right opportunities. A salesperson needs to know what to look for so they can create a predictable, scalable sales funnel.


The buyer now has more control over the sales process. They are deciding if your business is uniquely qualified to help solve their goals/challenges. An inbound salesperson needs to create a connection and help them decide which goal to prioritize and solve for the challenge they are facing.


An inbound salesperson needs the tools to quickly identify which leads are a good fit—and can spend more time working the right leads. Creating a system to streamline the process is imperative to achieving their quotas and your business goals.


Prospects need proper guidance and collateral that helps them make informed decisions but that isn’t enough—the salesperson must be the expert to answer every question, shifting from a salesperson to a guide.

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Oscar Sales Training

80-85% increase in lead flow. Leads now flow directly into their HubSpot CRM, and everyone within the organization has visibility to their current sales pipeline.

Media Junction is an amazing group to work with! The whole team at Media Junction are creative, knowledgeable, and very helpful!  We would definitely recommend them!

Devon Wright, Operations

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Sales enablement services we hope you’ll love.


Best for companies who have larger in-house sales and marketing teams, but are fractured, misaligned, or in an industry that has been disrupted. To help sales and marketing work together successfully, it’s critical to first define what success means to your business. We then help you establish SMART goals, define who your buyers are—what they want and need—and develop an inbound sales plan aimed at closing more.


Best for companies who have inconsistencies with the performance of their sales team who are at their wits’ end. Your sales team lacks empathy, is resistant to new ideas, and is unhappy with collected leads. We listen, learn, and identify critical issues. We become an advocate for your customers and a trusted advisor to your team, helping them understand the inbound sales methodology—it’s a win-win for everyone. 


Best for companies who do not have a streamlined process, lack internal tools or are new to inbound sales and marketing entirely. Whether it is looking for new and effective ways to help prospects make decisions, learning how to use modern sales tools, or empowering your sales team to be more social, we will tailor a custom solution to help your sales team succeed—it's something we are passionate about. 

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