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Onpoint Nutrition: Case Study

Onpoint Nutrition: Case Study

Harnessing the Power of Content-Based Inbound Marketing

OnPoint Nutrition offers an online one-on-one coaching experience centered around nutrition education, meal planning, lifestyle change, and self-care. Onpoint provides pragmatic advice and helps clients regain confidence in leading a healthier lifestyle.

Onpoint’s team of registered dietitians empower clients to tackle weight loss, chronic disease diet management, pregnancy nutrition, and much more.    

Rethinking Outsourced Traditional Marketing 

Onpoint Nutrition hired Gabrielle Aikens as their content manager (an employee solely dedicated to planning, developing, and executing content) to spearhead their inbound, blogging marketing efforts and boost Search Engine Optimization, organic traffic, and more qualified leads. 

“MJ gave us the information and the perspective, and we ran with it. We are consistently curating and cultivating valuable additions to the resources we offer, our website, and our blog,” Gabrielle Aikens, Content Manager Onpoint

Harnessing the Power of Inbound Marketing 

Onpoint Nutrition’s Inbound Marketing Strategy

  • Brought content production and publication in-house 

  • Utilized in-house experts to generate value-driven content 

  • Pumped out 3-4 blog posts a week revolving around health education

  • Created lead-generating downloadables (guides, checklists, etc.)  

  • Implemented targeted one-to-one video 

Increased top 3 organic words by 123%

onpoint nutrition top 3 keyword growth

Increased total page blog views by 28%

onpoint nutrition blog view growth

Increased total organic traffic by 62%

onpoint nutrition total traffic growth

Their 2022 accomplishments, but these are the things Onpoint are now looking forward to in 2023 - 

  • Tightening up conversions
  • Driving organic traffic 
  • Company alignment for They Ask, You Answer inbound marketing strategy
  • Creating sales enablement materials
  • Incorporating video and self-selection tools

Onpoint is now better equipped to prioritize client health and happiness, no goal too big or too small.