nicole pereira

I've spent a lifetime trying to be a better communicator (it continues to be a daily struggle). Early in my career, I learned the hard way how to get people not to listen to me, and that's a lonely place to be. Not entirely an extrovert or fully an introvert, I hover between the two and have found an appreciation for working remotely but still connecting with lots of people daily. Yet, I still prefer "cameras off" most days so I can pace around the house.

When the job market strangled me with only 9-5 opportunities (not a morning person) and a business partnership forced me to be in an office, I pursued a new way to make a living where flexible working hours are embraced and never viewed as "lazy" or "undisciplined." Since then I've had a life worth living where I can blend work into my normal day without feeling choked. 

I love the process of building something new as well as finding and developing awesome people, be it my clients, employees, or networking relationships. I truly feel that everything I have today is because of the people I have built relationships with over the decades. It's been a huge gift and I try and pay it forward as often as I am capable.

In my spare time, you can catch me playing LoL Wild Rift/TFT/Clash Royal or binge-watching Netflix (usually both at the same time. Thanks A.D.H.D.).

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