Cedar Cove Wealth

Web Design Example for a Financial Planner

Cedar Cove represents the shelter, peace, and calmness achieved when you have a healthy relationship with money. They provide peace of mind by deeply engaging with clients and partnering with them to align their goals, values, and way of life. The end result is a healthy relationship with money so that their clients live a fulfilled life of gratitude, well-being, and purpose.

What we did:

Custom Web Design



Brands are more than just logos.

When Cedar Cove, then The Stonebridge Group, was needing a new brand for their newly independent business, they didn't just need a logo. They needed an entire identity that would represent who they are, and help them tell the story of how they help their customers.

branding guidelines and documentation.

When you work with an agency team to do your branding, you don't just get great work, you get usable resources that allow you to keep your brand consistent across all channels. This ensures a common voice, and strengthens your image through consistency and authenticity.