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Custom Branding and HubSpot CMS Website Design

Plastic Printers has an amazing story. Founder Luke Lingle first began printing plastic business cards nearly two decades ago in his parents' basement. Today the company has 60 employees and almost limitless capabilities for printing on plastic. From business cards, to plastic menus, custom indoor signs and luggage tags, they can do it all.

As part of their HubSpot CMS website redesign, Plastic Printers wanted to update their branding and logo so it had a more modern feel. Following the site launch, we have collaborated with their team under an inbound marketing retainer and helped facilitate their sales enablement.

Plastic Printers Custom website redesign on a Laptop screen

Custom Brand Refresh

With the rebrand, we were able to completely change the feel of the Plastic Printers website to have a higher-end, more cohesive feel.

Plastic Printers logo

Plastic Printers Icon


Plastic Printers Original Logo


Refreshed plastic printers logo

Screenshot of Plastic Printers home page on a desktop

Screenshot of Plastic Printers home page


Sunsetting an antiquated system and correct sales priorities and objectives

As a partner, Media Junction helped Plastic Printers sunset an antiquated system and correct sales priorities and objectives. Sales enablement set up sales teams for success, equipping them with the proper assets and methods to increase business and provide value to customers.

With a new CRM, defined buyer personas and the gaps filled between sales and marketing, Plastic Printers increased their bottom of the funnel leads by over a third - in just one quarter.

Plastic Printers website on a mobile phone
Being able to see our company’s leads both as they come in on the marketing side and also through our sales cycle on the Sales CRM side of HubSpot, has allowed for complete transparency and has removed the guessing. We can see and make necessary changes faster, allowing for a substantial impact on our leads.
Katie Buss, VP of Marketing
Katie Buss, VP of Marketing Plastic Printers
Plastic Printers' responsive redesigned website on a tablet and two mobile phones

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