Plastic Printers

HubSpot CMS Web Design Example of a Business Card Printing Company

Plastic Printers designs and prints custom promotional business marketing materials on plastic.

What we did:

Custom Web Design




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We have been working with Media Junction over 2 years now. What started as intent to modernize our website, grew to a mass overhaul of our over 10,000 website & landing pages. Media Junction took the time upfront to evaluate our business, our long-term goals & to assess our current website. Over the past two years we have launched a brand new clean website, reducing our pages to 50 & building up from there to focus on our core products & SEO rich text. This strategy has allowed us to build our organic lead generation up to exceed our PPC lead generation! Media Junction helped move our website from an ASP platform to the HubSpot platform. They also assisted in bringing our Sales Team over to the HubSpot Sales CRM, which has increased our close ratio as we can respond to clients much quicker (in real time). They trained our staff to make minor changes on our website, which helps as we no longer have an in house web-developer. Overall, we highly recommend using Media Junct
Katie Buss, Directory of Marketing & Business Development, Plastic Printers
Katie Buss Directory of Marketing & Business Development