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Custom HubSpot CMS Design & Development

Located in Greenwich, Connecticut, Whitby School provides students with opportunities to explore real-world concepts, think critically and grow. Media Junction provided custom website design, with ongoing inbound and support retainers.

Whitby home page design

Whitby home page design

The overall website design focuses primarily on helping site visitors experience what it is like for students to attend the Whitby School.

Whitby admissions page screenshot

Custom school directory integration

Whitby responsive website design examples

Custom integration with school information management system

An important part of the custom website design was integrating the new HubSpot website with Veracross, an information management system that Whitby uses to connect with parents of current and prospective students.

By building a custom JavaScript application, we were able to create a searchable staff directory that is dynamically updated on the Whitby website whenever changes are made to the profiles of educators and staff on Veracross.

whitby staff

The results


increase in organic traffic

Five months post-launch, the Whitby website had a 25% increase in organic traffic. They also saw a 550% increase in leads from organic traffic.

In the first six months since launch, organic traffic and inquiry numbers have increased by 25% YOY. We are so pleased with Media Junction’s strategic vision, partnership and results that we’ll be continuing our work with the team.
Sarah Mead, Director of Marketing Communications
Sarah Mead, Director of Marketing Communications Whitby School