Web Design Example for Physical Therapy Services Provider

Therady provides employers with on-site physical therapy services to promptly mitigate and treat employee injuries—potentially reducing the need for costly hospital visits. They believe providing a better healthcare option starts by investing in employees. But in order to realize their vision for the future of healthcare, they needed a brand and a name that they could rally behind

What we did:

Custom Web Design




versatile brand systems make it easy to stay consistent.

Say it with us now, "Your brand is more than just your logo!" When you have entire visual systems you can leverage for your branding, you are able to communicate you are in a consistent format across all mediums. Whether it is a set of colors or different shapes that extend your primary logo mark, people will be able to tell who you are no matter how they interact with your brand.

uncovering your brand's true voice.

When you take the time to identify how your brand sounds and feels, before you even start to think about the visuals, you are able to pull in all of those themes into the design itself and build a brand with a soul—yes brands have souls! That is the true key to connecting with your customers on a deeper level. 

What an incredible experience to work with the Media Junction team throughout our process of branding, design, and creating an incredible website for our company. This is the most efficient, engaged, results-driven partnership I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Whether it was key stakeholder interviews with Kim, Trish, story-branding with the talented Ryan and Ben, website messaging with the word wizard Katherine and her creative colleague's, fantastic HubSpot training with Ashley or Martin keeping the ship sailing in the right direction. Every step in the process provided our team with subject matter experts and a well-outlined path to success. Would highly recommend Media Junction.
Sarah DeGarmo, Business Development Manager, Therady
Sarah DeGarmo Business Development Manager