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HubSpot Impact Award: How Design Helped Make This Company a Better Sidekick

HubSpot Impact Award: How Design Helped Make This Company a Better Sidekick


Sidekick Solutions' mission is to help organizations get the most from nonprofit database software so that they can deliver greater impact. They are consultants for a variety of database software platforms and help execute software improvement projects that produce results and maximize software investment.

The Challenges and Solutions

1. A brand-refreshed logo

Sidekick Solutions comes from a belief that nonprofits and their staff are real-life heroes. Just as sidekicks support heroes, Sidekick Solutions exists to enhance the skills and capabilities that organizations have with nonprofit database software.

Sidekick Solutions initially came to Media Junction looking for a complete website redesign. At the time, their site fully embraced their "sidekick" identity, but they were concerned that the existing design felt more like a comic book, rather than a website for a team of software experts and consultants. 

Overall, their desire was to develop a more professional feel, which would elevate their brand and set them up as helpful nonprofit software experts. As the discussions around the site continued, we realized that modifying the logo was essential to the refreshed brand identity that they were looking for. 

When we first began discussions with Sidekick Solutions about a new logo, they identified some specific design guidelines. First and foremost was the incorporation of the super hero cape. To owner and co-founder Jeffrey Haguewood, "the cape is a token of who we are." In addition to including the cape, they wanted something that was clean, crisp, and easy to read. It was also important that the logo include a standalone icon to be used in social media. 

After a handful of iterations, some initial feedback, a color exploration, and another few iterations, we landed on a final logo design. 



2. A site-wide icon refresh

In addition to designing a brand new logo, we also did a complete icon refresh. At the time, Sidekick Solutions' icons were inconsistent with the design throughout the rest of the site. New, simpler icons allow for an extra visual element that accents the content instead of overpowering it.


3. A contact us page with personality

We also designed a new banner for the contact us page, which encapsulates their brand and mission statement.


The Result

A delighted client

"Media Junction delivered a unique and meaningful logo design that captures the essence of our company. Just the other day I was on a call with a prospect that found us online who said, “We need a Sidekick!” There is no better proof of great brand design than prospects and customers immediately recognizing the message of our identity. We leaned heavily on Media Junction’s expertise and the result exceeded our expectations."
- Jeffrey Haguewood, Co-Founder and Owner