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Halloween Comes to Media Junction

Halloween Comes to Media Junction

media junction pumpkin

A typical Thursday had the Media Junction team buzzing as we started our annual pumpkin carving/ Halloween party. 

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

After an arduous few weeks of non-stop work, it was time for a break. We broke out the candy, ordered some pizza, and had ourselves a pumpkin carving contest. People were split into teams of three. Teams were decided by the giving away of Star Wars themed socks. If you had a matching pair, you were on a team. Each team was given a set of emotions to try and carve onto their own pumpkin. Emotions ranging from chipper, melancholy, and squeamish were on the list.

matching star wars socks

Ready. Set. Go!

The carving began with mass hysteria as there were limited carving tools, too many pumpkins, and an impending deadline. With the clock counting down some resorted to using their bare hands whereas the more seasoned carvers brought in their own power tools. As we settled into a grove, true masterpieces were coming to form.

daniel going ham on his pumpkinnissa using a drill

Once the carving was finished, groups were judged by the keen eyes of the Media Junction team. There may have been some biased voting, but none the less a champion was crowned. Team 2 was crowned the winner after multiple tie-breaking votes.winning mj pumpkin carvers

second place pumpkin carvers

third place pumpkin carvers

fourth place pumpkin carvers

fifth place pumpkin carvers

The top three teams were awarded a prize whereas the other two teams were given the satisfaction of participating. The last place team (my team) was given the esteemed honor of first dibs on the pizza. A win in my book any day.

I love my job, but I love my team more. I haven't laughed this much in a long time -Trish Lessard CEO

Our party ended with partial comatose from too much pizza and candy, but ultimately the day was not done. And back to work we went. This party was a much-needed break and a great time for us to bond as a team and family, as well as a chance to get to know our newest members.

So with the smell of pumpkin lingering in the air, we continued on with our day recalling the great times had by all.

Happy Halloween!