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How to Choose Between HubSpot Partners

How to Choose Between HubSpot Partners

Working with a HubSpot partner agency is the shortcut to bringing HubSpot expertise into your company right away. Yet, with over 2500 HubSpot partners worldwide, how do you pick between them? Let’s take a look at the major differences.

2500+ HubSpot Partners: How Do You Choose?

Not all partners are created equal. That’s actually an incredible advantage for you! The wide diversity among the partnered agencies allows for all unique needs to be met.

Since it was launched in 2009, HubSpot’s Partner Program has grown exponentially! The partner directory is jam-packed with talented agencies all over the globe fixin’ to join forces. (We should know. We’re friends with many other HubSpot Partners—we collaborate together, plan events together and even did a fantasy football league to raise money for CharityWater last winter.)

So, how do you pick the right HubSpot Partner Agency for your business? Here are seven things to look for when you’re talking to different agencies:

7 Things to Consider When Evaluating a HubSpot Partner:

1. Location

Don’t let an agency’s location sway you on whether or not you should work together. The remote capabilities in project management have come a long way! Most meetings with your agency will be by phone or online meeting—so don’t automatically exclude an agency in a different location if they’re otherwise a great fit. We have clients in the same office building—and on the other side of the world in Australia.

2. Partner Tier

To be a HubSpot Partner, an agency also needs to hold the Partner Certification, which “Prepares an agency to sell more qualified HubSpot subscriptions, to deliver more effective inbound services, and to more confidently retain your customers.” (Make sure that the CEO and other senior leaders hold this certification.)

The HubSpot Partner Agency program is based on four tier levels. A HubSpot Partner Agency can work its way up the four tiers: silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. These tier classifications matter because they are based on a number of items including inbound marketing success, recurring revenue, software engagement and client retention.

3. Awards & Certifications

The certifications and awards an agency holds are a tangible way to understand its strengths. HubSpot recognizes top-performing partners through their Impact Awards, which are awarded for categories including web design, graphic design, growth-driven design, client growth stories and more. Look for other recognition, such as the Hermes Creative Awards, to identify partners who create top website designs.

There are also different certifications agencies can earn, from inbound marketing certifications to specific specialties such as inbound sales and email marketing. Many agencies choose a niche or specialty to focus on. Depending on what your company is looking for, you’re bound to find an agency with a focus to match.

4. Experience

How versed is an agency at managing campaigns and utilizing the tools within HubSpot? The proof is in the pudding. When perusing the marketplace, be sure to review the work examples that a company has on display. Check out an agency’s aesthetic and see if it jives with your company’s brand. Note design components that stand out to you, and be sure to read reviews from other organizations. When reviewing partners, also make sure you ask them to demo the backend of a HubSpot website they’ve recently built. This should give you a clear picture of how good the company is at coding—and how easy HubSpot will be for you to use.

5. Cultural Fit

With all the HubSpot agencies to pick from, one of the nice luxuries you have is finding one that aligns with your company’s culture. You can typically get a read on this from an agency’s website, blog and social media feeds. Some agencies also have a culture deck to showcase their organization’s culture. For example, the Media Junction Culture Code gives an inside look into what motivates our team and what we value as a company.

6. If They Walk the Talk

When you talk to a HubSpot partner, find out if they use HubSpot themselves. Some agencies work with HubSpot for clients, others will have hybrid websites based on WordPress and HubSpot, while others will be fully immersed in the platform. At Media Junction, we’d been using HubSpot for six months before we became a partner and moved our entire site to the HubSpot COS in 2015. We knew from our own experience how HubSpot made life a lot easier for our own small business.

7. Who Does What, Where

Some agencies do all their work in-house, while others are completely remote. Call us biased, but we’re partial to companies that work together. We find it easier to create strategies, collaborate and get things done when everyone is in the same building.

The Right Partner Makes a Big Difference

Every business likes to think of their company as a mandarinfish (they really are beautiful) among a sea of aquatic life, err...companies. The good news is that there is a perfectly-matched agency for you. The key is to evaluate all the factors above and decide which agency fits best with your HubSpot needs.

Before you commit to working with a HubSpot partner, do your research as well. Read reviews on HubSpot's partner directory, check on their status with the Better Business Bureau and even call HubSpot to ask them for a recommendation to the right partner agency.

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